Kevin Hale – How to Evaluate Startup Ideas

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YC Partner Kevin Hale walks us through the process of evaluating ideas and how founders should think about their startups.

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00:00 - Why we're starting with evaluating ideas

1:25 - YC doesn't just fund companies with traction

2:50 - How can I predict if an investor will like my idea?

5:15 - A startup idea is a hypothesis

6:55 - The problem

10:55 - The solution

12:35 - The insight

14:00 - Founder's unfair advantage

15:00 - Market growing 20% a year

15:40 - Product 10x better

16:30 - Acquisition model

17:55 - Monopoly

18:50 - Threshold belief

19:10 - Miracle belief

20:10 - Example: YC

23:20 - Example: Wufoo


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