The 3 Secret Agreements You Make When Accepting Venture Capital | Dan Martell

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Are you planning to raise money for your business? In this video, I share a few important things to note when you're raising capital for your startup. My last 2 companies were venture backed and I've learned a lot about the world of investments and now in this video, I reveal secrets that can maximize your chance of success.

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Fundraising is a sexy topic.

And understandably so.

Because when executed properly, raising capital affords you the opportunity to scale up your startup with speed.

To build a global sensation, reach billions with your product, and create mass-scale impact.

The very moment you accept VC funding, you’re instantly fueled by increased access to:

- Top-level talent
- Experienced advisors
- More press than you can handle

And the cash to carry out your most ambitious plans

But there is a dark side.

One that many entrepreneurs sadly miss when asking for capital.

And unless you’re willing to take an examined look at the HIDDEN agreements you’re implicitly accepting when taking on VC or angel investments, then you’re setting yourself up for a long, frustrating journey.

So let’s get into it…

Now this isn’t to say that raising VC is a good thing or a bad thing.

But it is totally context-dependent.

And your decision to pursue venture capital MUST match up with your goals and entrepreneurial makeup.

So if you’re not willing to bleed a little (agreement 1)...

… and the idea of giving up control of your company (agreement 3) scares the crap out of you.

Then I’d recommend you think twice before going down that path.

But if you’re playing the startup game to create hyper growth (for both yourself and your company), and are willing to accept the implicit demands of VC, then it might just be the next step you need to take to start playing a much bigger game.

So go ahead and watch the video now.

And if you still feel like raising venture capital is right for you, then leave a comment below and let me the VERY FIRST thing you’d do with the large cash infusion.

Look forward to hearing it.

To scaling up (and staying sane),

– Dan

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“You can only keep what you give away.” That’s the mantra that’s shaped Dan Martell from a struggling 20-something business owner in the Canadian Maritimes (which is waaay out east) to a successful startup founder who’s raised more than $3 million in venture funding and exited not one... not two... but three tech businesses:, Spheric and Flowtown.

You can only keep what you give away. That philosophy has led Dan to invest in 33+ early stage startups such as Udemy, Intercom, Unbounce and Foodspotting. It’s also helped him shape the future of Hootsuite as an advisor to the social media tour de force.

An activator, a tech geek, an adrenaline junkie and, yes, a romantic (ask his wife Renee), Dan has recently turned his attention to teaching startups a fundamental, little-discussed lesson that directly impacts their growth: how to scale. You’ll find not only incredible insights in every moment of every talk Dan gives - but also highly actionable takeaways that will propel your business forward. Because Dan gives freely of all that he knows. After all, you can only keep what you give away.

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