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Pinterest for business: learn how to use social media marketing to drive sales and traffic with Pinterest. Download free stock photos that are perfect for marketing on Pinterest:
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On Pinterest, the social platform built on beautiful, shareable imagery, opportunities for shopping come cleverly disguised as outfit inspiration, smoothie recipes and DIY centrepieces.

For consumers, it’s a place to hunt and gather. For brands, it’s a goldmine.

Consider this: we analyzed data from over 529, 000 Shopify store orders to find that Pinterest was the second largest social source for traffic, and resulting visits had the third highest average order value.

Also, according to research done by Piqora, sales and traffic from Pins can occur long after the item is pinned. In fact, 50 percent of visits happen after 3 and a half months.

The reasons for using Pinterest for your business are impossible to ignore. In this video, we’ll show you seven concrete methods, that you can use to drive sales and traffic with Pinterest.

Video Highlights:

0:48 Use Rich Pins
1:44 Pin Smarter
4:04 Sell the Lifestyle
4:48 Piggyback on Popular Content
5:48 Run Pinterest Contests
6:43 Leverage the Power of Influencers
7:11 Engage Your Community

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There you have it 7 methods that you can put into practice with your ecommerce business. Be sure to keep us posted on your progress and if we missed any tips or techniques that you’re using to reach your customers on Pinterest, please share them with us in the comment section.

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Easily build your online store with Shopify's ecommerce software. Sign up for your 14-day free trial »

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