Scotty Schindler – (Startup Grind Coffs Harbour) – A quintessential Australian success story

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If you want to climb Mount Everest, find a mentor who has already triumphed over the mountain. The very same principle applies to business. In the first instalment of Startup Grind in Coffs Harbour, Sawtell local and celebrated entrepreneur Scott Schindler will give his insights into achieving business and personal success. Now a sought-after public speaker, mentor and thought leader, as CEO of the real estate software platform ReNet, Scott presided over the growth of his business that began in 2000 with just a single property listing. Upon his retirement last year – at the age of just 46 – ReNet managed 916,489 real estate listings worth billions across Australia and New Zealand. Scott backs up his quintessentially Australian, straight-talking advice with proven results in his own life and career.

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