Free & Impartial Guidance!

Financial wellbeing made easy with Finley!

We created Finley, the world's first voice-powered Financial & Pension Assistant that provides free financial guidance to everyone.

Free & Impartial Guidance!

Financial wellbeing made easy with Finley!

Get smart about finances

Your own voice-powered virtual financial assistant, designed to help you understand how to improve your financial wellbeing.

Voice Powered

Ask Finley questions, about planning, saving, pay off debt, pensions

Conversational AI

Don't just chat. Have a conversation. Finley has been built using sophisticated natural language.

Financial Wellbeing

Let Finley take you through a free financial wellbeing programme to improve your overall understanding.

Mobile chat

You can chat with Finley on your mobile, just activate and start typing.

Find Advice

Need more help, receive a complementary meeting via video or phone with a Financial Advisor. UK only


Finley never sleeps, chat anytime, any day, whenever you want.

Download Google Assistant for Android or IOS

How it works

Why Finley AI.

In today’s modern society many people still do not know the importance of financial guidance or advice and they also struggle to get access to it. 

Unfortunately, without guidance or expert advice, many individuals are still unprepared for life’s important financial choices like family planning, working life and retirement, especially when running a business. 

Finley Ai wants to change this.”

"Ok Google, talk to Finley AI"

Increase your financial well-being and get answers to life's important financial questions the AI way.

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