Chapter 1: The 5 Rules No One Tells You About Retail

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An Insider’s Guide to Running a Successful Retail Store
Chapter 1: The 5 Rules No One Tells You About Retail

One of the mantras that we like to start with in getting our clients in the right mindset is this. How do I work as little as possible for the most amount of money? If you have that mindset from the first day you open up your store, you’re going to be successful.

Video Highlights:
0:56 1. You’re not opening up a store for your ego – you’re opening a store to make money.
1:31 2. Don’t buy the things you like – buy the things that sell.
1:55 3. Don’t think small. Look at the bigger picture.
2:34 4. Don’t plan on working in the store. Buying is a full time job.
3:44 5. Don’t quit your day job.

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