Billionaire Charles Koch: Building and Running an Empire

An interview with billionaire and CEO of the second largest privately held company in the United States of America (Koch Industries), Charles Koch. In this interview Charles discusses his early life and taking over his father business, expanding it into the giant it is today. Charles also speaks about his business values and how he can control such a massive empire. Finally politics is discussed and Charles explains his philosophy and views on the future. ? Books by Charles Koch and his favourite books are located at the bottom of the description❗

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
2:03 What does integrity have to do with profit
4:09 Finding your way to classical liberalism
12:54 Wanting to be a professor, becoming a consultant, taking over his father's business
18:14 Koch industries was a experiment
21:28 Creating a culture that challenges in such a big company
25:13 Value first then talent
26:52 Attitude towards risk
33:06 Relationships are very important
34:50 Fitting different industries together
41:27 Where did the capital come from
42:28 Conglomerate can beat smaller focused companies
46:54 Getting beat up in the press/Supporting free market thinking
51:58 Unfair to weigh in on politics as you have too many resources
58:26 Views on Donald Trump
59:52 Continuing to grow at 12% a year
1:02:51 Why are you still working
1:04:22 Future of the country

Charles Koch Books ??? (affiliate link)
Good Profit:
The Science of Success:

Charles Koch’s Favourite Books?
The Wealth Of Nations:
Why Wages Rise:
Personal Knowledge:
Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy:

Interview Date: 18th March,2016
Event: HooverInstitution
Original Image Source:

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