1 Hour Long Workout Motivational Speech/ Epic Music Mix

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UPDATED DOWNLOAD 10/2018 – http://www.mediafire.com/file/ennau2xnd4y6uuq/LETS+F%2ACK%2ANG+GO.mp3#
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These are the songs I know, if you know any of the other ones please leave it in the comments and I will add it
6:16 – Q-Factory – Eternal Empire
21:00 –

br /> 54:00 –
br /> 0:00 – The Score – Bumblebee
42:00 –

Hello everyone, first off, yes, I know it is not a full hour long. You do not have to point it out in the comments over and over again. Secondly, I mainly created this mix for the gym and working out, but you can use it for whatever you want. I did not create any of these speeches or music, I just put it all together. Some of the speakers consist of: Eric Thomas, Elliot Hulse, Will smith, Les Brown, Rocky, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others. I do not know a lot of the song names or the exact title of a lot of the speeches. I made this mix in a time span of a couple weeks and never kept track of the titles and such. I am sorry for that. There are some repeated speech tidbits, but its not a big deal. I just hope I can get some of you motivated. Enjoy.

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